How much tax do I have to pay on a succession?

Last update: 10/5/2012

None, because the tax on successions was repealed on 1 August 2008. However, the acquisition of immoveables by succession is taxable by the tax on the transfer of real property ( Grunderwerbssteuer ).

Detailed information

How much inheritance tax?

Following a ruling pronounced by the Constitutional Court, death duties have not been levied in Austria since 1 August 2008. However, the acquisition of real estate pursuant to an inheritance has been subject to transfer tax (Grunderwerbssteuer) since 1 August 2008. In general, the rate of transfer tax is 3.5% of the taxable base (the equivalent of three times the applicable value for tax purposes). When the real estate is acquired by the surviving spouse, the father or mother, a child, a grandchild, an illegitimate child, an adopted child or a stepchild of the deceased, this rate is 2%.

Can the estate be subject to taxation in one or more Member States? Are there double taxation agreements?

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